Digital Manual

for people with migration background language trainers in 8 languages including theoretical background, experts and people with migration background trainers’ consideration

The Digital Manual represent a continuous professional development opportunity, the trainers gain founded insight in the emotional learning methodology focusing on the impact of the positive experiences in the learning process. They analyse best practice examples of storytelling & digital mapping activities and improve their professional skills on alternative teaching methods tailored to migrants’ needs.

Ready to use language prototype courses

for people with migration background in 7 languages and digital

Upskilled trainers are able to create new draft & ready to use language course prototypes for their most vulnerable learning groups.

The interactive learning space

for language trainers and people with migration background

For trainers involved in the activity of implementing & developing this WP, the activities represent a continuous professional development opportunity. For participating migrants (courses & exchanges) the activities offer them new & motivating opportunities to improve their language skills, to become a new understanding of the educational programs and the important role these play in their integration process. With A1 trainers gain experience on open learning spaces, their structures and functionalities increasing thus their professional skills. The objective is to improve the trainers’ teaching skills and enhance their teaching formats obtaining both founded skills on the methodology and the formats. People with migratory background involved improve their language skills and gain new learning perspectives. The EU+MAP learning space platform offering trainers outside this partnership free tools to improve their teaching competences & enhance their language educational pathways. The courses focus on nice experience & motivate migrants that will otherwise stay excluded of regular language courses to participate in the programs and to improve their integration process.

Digital map

with 350 localizations

The digital map is an important tool for people with migratory background to share their experiences of language learning and become as active part of the society.