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Iberika education group gGmbH is a private non-profit adult education provider founded in Berlin in 1996. Their main purpose is to promote education, international attitude and tolerance in all fields of culture, through the organization and implementation of courses, seminars, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, performances and public discussions in the areas of new teaching / learning methods as well as motivation strategies for trainers and learners. One of their pillars is the development and implementation of language new tendencies and technology-based curricula.



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SwIdeas is a Swedish enterprise with a social mission that focuses on sustainability. We partner with small and medium-sized enterprises, civil society and the public sector in Sweden, Europe and internationally to provide innovative solutions to our societies’ environmental and social challenges. We do this through applied research, informal, non-formal & formal education and awareness raising initiatives.

We possess an extensive portfolio of professional services carried out by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. Our key values are sustainability, community engagement, diversity, and collaboration: our aim is not to generate profit but to make an impact. We believe in sustainability, diversity, collaboration, and added value. When working with clients and partners, our aim is to support those who provide value not only for themselves, but also for their societies and communities.

Active Citizens Partnership (SYNERGASIA ENEGON POLITON)


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Active Citizens Partnership is a Non-Profit organisation in Greece. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. In order to provide a high-quality service develops and operates innovative activities relating to:

  • Studies and research in the field of non-formal education and training
  • Development and implementation of technology enhanced training
  • Greek language program for refugees and immigrants
  • Entrepreneurship counseling and mentoring with special focus on unemployed and women.

Active Citizens Partnership has offices in Athens and in Sapes at the region of East Macedonia and Thrace and implements programs throughout Greece.



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Pistes-Solidaires is an association that develops its projects and actions according to UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education: learn to know, learn to be, learn to do, learn to live together and with the others. Our goal is to make possible that each young person may benefit from the unique experience of international educational mobility. Education goes hand in hand with openness to the world and an understanding of local / global interdependencies. Pistes-Solidaires bases its work on non-formal education methods, particularly those based on experiential learning. We create educational situations to develop social skills, to facilitate living together and to learn to be. Research and innovation are at the heart of this work area.



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CESIE is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Palermo and established in 2001. The organisation is committed to promote cultural, social, educational and economic development at local, national, European and international levels: it contributes to growth and development through the active participation of people, civil society and institutions, always valuing diversity. Inspired by the work and life of Danilo Dolci, the organisation’s work focus on actions on the research of social needs and challenges and the use of innovative learning approaches. In this way, CESIE actively connects research with action through the use of formal and non-formal learning approaches.

CLAVIS sprog & kompetence


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CLAVIS language & competence is an independent institution and non-profit company that aims to develop human language skills and overall competences to contribute to integration, active citi-zenship, and intercultural coexistence.
CLAVIS runs several learning centers and carries out language teaching with special legal contracts in Holbæk, Ringsted, Aarhus, and Roskilde. We have a comprehensive network for collaboration purposes. We work close together with Danish companies and municipalities in varies fields – both for migrants and international carrier workers combining language learning and the professional learning in close connection in the professional and collegial environment.

We have a long tradition for online-based learning and use of advanced communication technol-ogy in combination with traditional classroom teaching. CLAVIS have for several years been in-volved in numerous Erasmus+ projects and other international and national projects.


Spain, País Vasco

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The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is a teaching and research institution officially founded in 1980. The university has 31 faculties and schools distributed in three different campuses, with more than 57.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The UPV/EHU offers the highest number of doctorate programmes of all Spanish universities, one third of which have received a mention of excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education. The UPV/EHU has been recognised as an International Research Campus of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), and in 2021 was awarded the HRS4R award by the European Commission for human resources excellence in research.

Its extensive experience in the field of research, and its aim to promote the transfer of knowledge, has resulted in a very active participation in European projects. Therefore, since the first European Research Framework Programmes, the UPV/EHU has been very active and has participated in a wide variety of collaborative projects. For instance, in the 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013) the University of the Basque Country participated in 94 projects, of which it coordinated 22. In Horizon 2020 (2014-2020), the UPV/EHU has so far been successful with 144 projects, including 9 ERC grants, of which 2 are Advanced Grants and one a Synergy Grant, and 9 projects from the FET programme. In addition, the UPV/EHU recently obtained its first MSCA Cofund grant in the last call of the H2020 programme.