Map of Experiences across Europe

This project aims to offer people with a migrant background at risk of social exclusion to participate in language courses supported by a pedagogical curriculum that considers the sociological learning needs of people with a migrant background and create the necessary skills updating opportunities for trainers to implement the programs within the project and for future projects.

Through the eu+map project, we want:

To improve the competences of trainers that provide people with migration background’s adult education

through the proposal of guidelines, trainings and tools with innovatively implemented emotional teaching methods based on the storytelling and experience sharing approaches to raise awareness on trainers on how the emotional dimension can affect language classes

To create upskilling pathways for adult people with migration background

and to improve accessibility of adult language provision to vulnerable groups with unfavorable preconditions to learn. The project enables people with migration background with previous difficult learning experiences to reach specific linguistic goals improving so their communications skills in their host countries.

To invite people with migration background to focus on their impression of Europe

and to share their personal experiences to promote social inclusion. The stories are collected in a digital map to present different personal nice experiences in Europe thus promoting diversity, understanding and proximity to other participants of the society.

eu+map activities will include:

International Trainer Training

EU+Map National and International Trainer Training Programs

Piloting the language courses and creating the content for the maps

Creating the Digital Maps


Digital Manual

for people with migration background language trainers in 8 languages including theoretical background, experts and people with migration background trainers’ consideration

Ready to use language prototype courses

for people with migration background in 8 languages and digital

The interactive learning space

for language trainers and people with migration background

Digital map

with 350 localizations